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Breakout is a live escape room game located in Manchester city centre. On Wednesday 2nd May, each of their escape rooms will be raising money for local charities and we have been assigned our very own room!  

Which room is it?


Your colleague, and friend, PC Richards has been missing for over a week. Her last known location is an old abandoned hospital on the outskirts of town which she had gone to investigate one night after work. Her obsession with a closed kidnapping case had left her paranoid and wanting to investigate more.

You decide to go and see if you can find any clues as to where she may have gone. As you enter the building you realise you have been trapped....

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How can you take part?

The Breakout challenge is priced at £100 for your whole team (up to 5 players) and every penny of that will go directly to the Manchester Pride Fund.

To make things a little more exciting we're going to put up some extra prizes for the fastest time, with the winning team bagging the lot!

We’ve got slots at 6pm, 7.30pm and 9pm

To secure your place, please contact