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Manchester Pride Human Rights Forum

We are delighted to announce the first Manchester Pride Human Rights Forum that will take place virtually on Sunday 30th August between 3pm and 5pm featuring panelists Munroe Bergdorf, Ben Hunte and Juno Dawson in conversation with host Reeta Loi as part of our Alternative Manchester Pride Festival weekend. The forum will form part of the Activism element of our Festival weekend.

The Human Rights Forum, which brings together these activists and thought-leaders to discuss the most relevant and pressing LGBTQ+ issues, is part of our commitment to amplifying LGBTQ+ issues and campaigning for equality. Topics for discussion will include 'Trans Rights are Human Rights' and 'The Role of Pride in Race Equality'.

Manchester Pride is one of the UK's leading LGBTQ+ charities. We campaign for LGBTQ+ equality, celebrate LGBTQ+ life and create opportunities that engage LGBTQ+ people in Greater Manchester so that they can thrive. Every penny we raise is ploughed back into the community and we are dedicated to promoting and raising awareness for LGBTQ+ issues in the fight for equality. This new event comes off the back of feedback gathered during listening groups, online consultations and research conducted by the Manchester Pride team at international Pride events, answering a call for a space to embrace discussions and reflections on key LGBTQ+ issues, with a live broadcast and Q&A.

See below for an extensive list of resources.


About Our Panellists

Munroe Bergdorf
Familiar for her honest insight into matters of inclusion, feminism, and the transgender community. Model, Activist and Doctor of Letters, Munroe Bergdorf has proven herself as the brave and bold voice which society needs. Munroe regularly features on national and international news outlets to comment on race, diversity, gender and LGBTQ+ topics and most recently was appointed an UN Women UK Changemaker. She regularly consults for global corporations on their inclusivity and diversity initiatives.

Juno Dawson
The bestselling transgender author in the UK, Juno Dawson is has written sixteen titles including the global hit THIS BOOK IS GAY, as well as writing for Attitude, Stylist, The Guardian and Time Magazine. Juno co-founded queer cabaret collective Club Silencio and recently appeared in I MAY DESTROY YOU on BBC1.

Ben Hunte
A journalist and presenter, Ben Hunte is the BBC's first LGBT Correspondent, reporting on stories surrounding sexuality and gender. In July, Ben took the top spot of The Guardian and DIVA Magazine’s Pride Power List 2020.
Since starting the role in April 2019, Ben has uncovered Poland’s ‘LGBT Free Zones’; he exposed how black male victims of sexual abuse are ‘ignored’ by the government, he broke the news of HRH Prince William supporting a potential LGBT royal, and he fronted a season of coverage celebrating 50 years since the Stonewall Riots.
Ben’s digital films have been seen by millions, with topics ranging from men feeling ‘too ugly’ to be gay, to racism within the LGBT dating scene.

Our Host

Reeta Loi
Reeta Loi is a Forbes100 activist, writer and musician. She is Contributing Editor for Gay Times, Documentary Reporter for VICE and the Founder and CEO of Gaysians, the umbrella brand providing positive visibility and a united voice for the South Asian LGBT+ community.
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