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Arts & Culture


We are delighted to announce the Programme of events for this coming August Bank Holiday weekend’s Superbia Sunday. Formulating the Arts and Culture strand of Alternative Manchester Pride Festival, Superbia Sunday will take place online, and feature three brilliant and engaging events over five hours. Join us on Sunday, August 30, 2020 from 1pm-6pm

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Full Programme of Events Below. Exact times TBC.


Visit The Superbia Gallery 2020, our online virtual gallery space where we will be showing some of our favourite digital work from the last three years of our pop-up gallery space. Plus some new work, original Superbia Spotlights commissions and a virtual tour


Four filmmakers present six brilliant LGBTQ short films for The Superbia Cinema 2020.

Watch along with us as we enjoy an hour of original film-making, exploring activist history, memoir, artist explorations, HIV and AIDS, dance, poetry, love, sex, joy and stories of asylum. After the screening, Superbia Project Manager Greg Thorpe will be joined by filmmakers Finley Letchford-Dobbs, Sadé Mica, Joseph Ingham and Siobhan Fahey to discuss their work.

Our movie selection:

Seize & Hold (2020), 3 mins, Finley Letchford-Dobbs

A young trans man uses dance to explore the highs and lows of life in a remote lockdown setting. Commissioned for Superbia Spotlights.

Binder (2020), 8 mins, Sadé Mica

Artist Sadé Mica creates chest binders from unlikely fabrics to use in their film work, challenging their hidden nature in the lives of some trans and non-binary people. Commissioned for Trans Vegas 2020 by Trans Creative.

Baby Lies Truthfully (2020), 6 mins, Joe Ingham

Voiced by Russell Tovey with material from Jim Hubbard, Therese Fare, Jack Deveaux and others, Joe Ingham’s film combines drama and documentary to bring to life – for the first time in over thirty years – the words of artist / writer David Robilliard who died from AIDS in 1988.

Invisible Women (2019), 25 mins, directed by Alice Smith, produced by Jo Ingham

The incredible story of two Irish lesbian pioneer activists and their half century of activism. Angela and Luchia formed the Gay Liberation Front in Manchester, set up a women’s refuge and printing press, and more. This film was supported by a Superbia Grant.

Crypsis (2019), 9 mins, directed by Christopher McGill, produced by Siobhan Fahey

David Souk plays an African gay man seeking asylum in Scotland. Under pressure to ‘prove’ his identity and experience, he delves into the queer clubbing spaces of his city, only to be triggered back to the traumatic circumstance of his escape.


Artists speak to artists in our special series of head-to-head conversations with incredible LGBTQ creative pioneers.

Russell T. Davies interviewed by Nathaniel J. Hall.

It’s no exaggeration to say the work of Russell T. Davies changed the face of British television. At the turn of the millennium, Queer As Folk brought Manchester’s Gay Village and the messy, sparkly realities of queer life to the public consciousness in a never-before-seen way. In 2005 Russell lovingly revived a British institution when he brought Doctor Who back to the screen with inventive writing, genius casting and a politically-charged inclusive worldview. In 2019, joint BBC/HBO production Years and Years responded to the increasingly frightening political landscape in a chilling and compelling format. Russell’s dozens of writing credits and creations have tackled subjects such as sex work, desire, faith, death and the future with humour, heart and humanity, and much of his work has been set in Manchester. Forthcoming drama Boys takes place in the early years of the AIDS crisis in London and airs this Autumn.

Russell will be interviewed by actor, writer, theatre-maker and activist Nathaniel J. Hall. Nathaniel’s award-winning one-man show ‘First Time’ dramatised his experience of becoming HIV positive at a young age and has led to change-making public dialogue around HIV education and stigma. Nathaniel features in forthcoming drama, Boys.

Rikki Beadle-Blair, MBE interviewed by Darren Pritchard.

Award-winning writer, actor, musician, dancer, choreographer, playwright, producer … the list of credentials and achievements goes on and on for the one and only Rikki Beadle-Blair, MBE. Rikki is a highly influential British artist, a Londoner through and through, and truly beloved by the Manchester LGBTQ community via his well-known role as Master of Ceremonies at the annual Vogue Ball where he preaches the true history of Vogue and Ballroom. Working across stage, radio, television and beyond, Rikki has been a pioneer voice for the gay Black experience, always idiosyncratic, loving and challenging in his work. In 2001, Rikki’s Channel 4 series Metrosexuality revealed a complex, funny and modern experience of urban life that was spectacularly queer and beautifully diverse. In 2002, his Radio 4 documentary Roots of Homophobia explored bigotry in the Jamaican music scene from his perspective as a gay man of West Indian heritage. Day to day, through his social media presence as the #LoveNinja Rikki preaches dynamic self-love that inspires others to live the very best version of themselves.

Rikki will be interviewed by his friend and long-time collaborator, Darren Pritchard. Together Darren and Rikki host the explosive Manchester Vogue Ball, brilliantly documented in the Superbia-supported film Deep In Vogue. Darren is a dancer, choreographer, theatre-maker, teacher, mentor, co-founder of Black Gold Arts, Mother to the House of Ghetto and House Of Noir, and the perfect creative dynamo to discuss Rikki’s outstanding legacy.

Anna Phylactic interviewed by Grace Oni Smith.

Anna Phylactic is the world-famous drag alter-ego of actor, artist, performer and creative genius Daniel Wallace. Anna’s explosive, stylish and hilarious performance work, her unique and impeccable looks and her eccentric drag persona are synonymous with the Manchester drag renaissance of the last decade. From Cha Cha Boudoir and The Family Gorgeous, to the worldwide reputation of the #ManchesterQueens, to a central role on Channel 4’s Drag SOS, Anna has experienced the drag life like few others. She will talk about this wild ride, the present and future of drag, and more at our Superbia in-conversation.

Anna will be interviewed by Grace Oni Smith, fellow sister of The Family Gorgeous and Drag Lab, trans activist, and pioneer of queer performance through her work at Manchester nights Tranarchy, Cha Cha Boudoir, Drunk At Vogue, Make A Scene and Creatures Of Catharsis. Grace’s practice across music, performance, visual art, make-up, costume and more has seen her perform internationally and we are thrilled to welcome her home to Manchester for this event, which will be filmed in person.

Niven Govinden interviewed by Tawseef Khan.

Author of five novels and numerous short stories, Niven Govinden’s latest work This Brutal House – praised by writers Andrew McMillan and Olivia Laing – revives the legendary POSE/Paris Is Burning-era of the New York City queer ballroom scene to weave a tale of protest, loss, queer identity and social justice. The novel has been shortlisted for both the Polari Prize and Gordon Burn Prize, and longlisted for the Jhakak Prize. Niven’s character-driven work has explored the imagined lives of artists, dual-heritage young people, and reckless bohemians, exploring the big subjects of love, death and how to live.

Niven will be interviewed by Tawseef Khan, a Manchester-based immigration and asylum lawyer, Muslim activist, and co-editor / founder of Superbia-supported literary journal, FRUIT. Superbia also collaborated with Tawseef to bring the Aks Festival of international queer minority film to Manchester for the first time. Tawseef is author of forthcoming title, The Muslim Problem: Why we’re wrong about Islam and why it matters.

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