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Community Conversations: PRiDE OUT

All over the world, people continue to adapt to social distancing and isolation, and individuals, businesses, organisations and community groups are finding new and innovative ways to reach their audiences. LGBTQ+ people are already known to be disproportionately affected by mental health issues and isolation, so continuing to reach out to the community is more vital than ever.

PRiDE OUT is a cycling group for LGBT+ people (and friends) in Manchester and North West England. PRiDE Out is for everyone. All LGBTQ+ people are welcome regardless of age, gender identity, bike or ability.

In this week's Community Conversation, we caught up with Richard, the founder of PRiDE OUT, to find out how this new group is keeping the wheel’s in motion during the COVID-19 crisis.

Richard: As an outdoor activity group doing bike rides, as soon as the social distancing came into effect we postponed all rides as per government advice. This was such a shame because our first ride was only on the 12th Jan 2020. But it was really good to lay foundations and build up a bit of excitement for the group.

We’ve now got a little community going on and would welcome as many people as possible to get involved. I’m really looking forward to the lockdown ending so we can get cycling again, but we will continue to follow government advice to keep everyone safe.

I think it’s important to still encourage people to go out and complete their daily exercise. On our Facebook group, people take pictures and videos of cycle routes and nice places they’ve found, to try and encourage people to go out.

I’ve been slightly blown away by the support from the community. We’ve had lots of excitement from the community since the group was set up, both from people getting involved and businesses who’d like to help us. Spreading the word is the main thing right now, so that once it’s safe to meet up and cycle again, we’ll be able to do so!

Manchester Pride is helping us to be more visible, and a spot in the parade will really showcase our group and help more people get involved. We’re keen to keep people fit and healthy and want to encourage people to keep exercising, and we’re trying to get more people excited to get cycling and talking about it more.

If you’d like to get involved please get in touch via Facebook, we’d love many more members for when our rides continue. You can also find us on Instagram and Twitter.

If you’d like to know more, or want to join feel free to chat over facebook, we’d love to chat to and meet all so if you’re feeling anxious that’s fine, take it at your space but we’d love to have you come along.


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