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Manchester Pride introduces new clear bag policy for Manchester Pride Live

To ensure the safety of everyone in attendance at Manchester Pride Live, we will be operating a strict clear bag policy.

Please read the below information carefully.

If you wish to bring more belongings into Manchester Pride Live than can fit in your pockets, a clear bag will be required. Bags will need to be 100% transparent, and ALL items inside the bag must be visible. Holographic/iridescent/clear bags with a coloured tinge will not be permitted.

Security at Manchester Pride Live will be strict and precise. If you attempt to bring a bag outside of the specifications detailed, entry will be refused. Please note that there are no locker facilities at Manchester Pride Live, so any unsuitable bags will need to be left at home or at your accommodation for the weekend.

Please see the graphic below for more details on our clear bag policy this year.

Clear tote bags, bum bags, handbags and more can be purchased at many high street stores. 

To help you out, we've found some clear bags to suit a variety of budgets and listed them below. Take a look at some of the different options available. 


Shopper bag

Shopper bag

Mini cross body bag

Bum bag

Cross body bag

Cross body bag

Bum bag



Tote bag


Mini tote bag


Cross body bag

If you're stuck for ideas on which kind of clear bag to buy, check out these suggestions below: 

** Please note: the clear bag policy applies to Manchester Pride Live only. You are still able to bring items in your pockets as normal. The clear bag policy is in place for your safety. **

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