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Manchester Pride Launches Inclusion and Equality Charter

Manchester Pride opens its doors to an exciting and innovative project that aims to bring real change and a true commitment to LGBT+ inclusion and equality across the region once and for all.

We are taking a role as a trailblazer for LGBT+ issues and in particular inclusion and equality. We are making a commitment to rid Greater Manchester of inequality for LGBT+ people and we want you to help us.

This will take the form of a charter which the organisation will ask all partners, suppliers and grant recipients involved with Manchester Pride to pledge to.

We want the initiative to reach a wider community of companies and organisations across the region and we invite you to come to our consultations and give your voice to the shaping of the charter.

The charter will also ask organisations to recognise that there is diversity amongst LGBT+ people and many differences in needs, aspirations and experiences of LGBT+ life. It is important that the region recognises that some LGBT+ people face discrimination and inequality based on a person’s characteristics such as race, religion or disability, in addition to their sexual orientation and or gender identity.

This Inclusion Equality Charter is a first of its kind and will be finalised with a collaborative approach following discussion of the initial draft.

Register your interest in The Manchester Pride Inclusion And Equality Charter here.

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