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The team at Manchester Pride think it important that everyone who attends The Festival can enjoy the event. As such we have put together information to help you plan and prepare for your visit to The Festival.

We want everyone to be able to use our website regardless of their computer knowledge or disabilities. We have designed our website to be as accessible as possible, in accordance with guidelines laid down by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).

There are also some very simple services already built into your computer that will help you make it easier to access the information you want on our website.

You can download our Accessibility Information pack here.

Applications for accessibility applications have now closed. Please email for any queries and we will endeavour to support your requirements. Please allow 5 working days for a response to your email.

Help with seeing the page

You can easily make changes to your computer to help you see what's written on the page more clearly.

Most internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer or Safari, allow you to force the text on a web page to be the size and colour you want. Many operating systems also come with a built-in screen magnifier that allows you to enlarge a portion of the page to several times the original size.

Help with your keyboard and mouse

Many people think they can't use a computer because they can't use a mouse, but it's perfectly possible to do away with your mouse and use a keyboard instead.

If you can use a mouse, but find it difficult, there are ways to make your mouse easier to use in your settings on your computer.

Carer/Personal Assistant Tickets

In our commitment to making the festival accessible to everyone, we will provide those ticket holders with a disability that require full-time assistance with a complimentary ticket for their personal carer/assistant.

Please specify when completing our online Access Application Form. You will also be asked to kindly upload relevant supporting documents. We appreciate that some people may require assistance but not receive DLA, please contact us to discuss your access requirements. Each request will be looked at individually.

Other help available

We've put together these pages to try to help solve some of the most common accessibility issues. If you have any issues that we don’t cover here, you could try other websites, which specialise in accessibility help, for further information.

Attitude is Everything

We are proud to be working with consultants Attitude is Everything. Attitude is Everything improves Deaf and disabled people's access to live music by working in partnership with audiences, artists and the music industry. Using their Charter of Best Practice and Toolkit, we have been working with Attitude is Everything in the planning and delivery of the Festival. The ethos of the Charter is that Deaf and disabled people should be as independent as they want to be at a live music event.

Statement of Intent

This access statement does not contain a personal opinion as to our suitability for those with disabilities but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all visitors.

The Festival

The Manchester Pride Festival is a multi-strand event which takes place in venues across the city over August Bank Holiday Weekend.

The Festival is made up of Gay Village Gathering, Manchester Pride Live, Manchester Pride Parade, Gay Village Party, Candlelit Vigil and Superbia Weekend.

Manchester Pride Live is a multi-stage music festival taking place at Mayfield. Mayfield is a historic depot next to Manchester Piccadilly station. The Gay Village Gathering takes place in Manchester’s Gay Village. The Candlelit Vigil takes place in Sackville Gardens and Superbia Weekend takes place in a number of venues in the city.

Manchester Pride makes temporary, reasonable adjustments to the area to provide access to the event site and staged event areas. Manchester Pride is aware of the limitations and restrictions of making the event site fully accessible due to the nature of the location of the event and provides alternative access where access is restricted.

Getting to Manchester and The Festival

Manchester enjoys first-class transport links, making it easy to get to the city, The Festival and for exploring Greater Manchester.

For travel information to get to Manchester please visit here.

For travel around Manchester once you arrive in our fabulous city, there are a number of transport networks to choose from:


Manchester's light tramway system runs a fast and frequent service and is ideal for getting to The Festival.  Metrolink is accessible with step-free platforms. The nearest Metrolink stops to the Gay Village are Manchester Piccadilly (approximately 5 minutes away) and Manchester Piccadilly Gardens (approximately 5 minutes away). The nearest Metrolink stop to Manchester Pride Live at Mayfield is Manchester Piccadilly (approximately 2 minutes). The Parade works its way across the city and so any number of Metrolink stops will get you close to the action. 

Free Metroshuttle

Getting in and around the city centre is easy and free with Metroshuttle. The shuttle buses pick up outside Piccadilly Station, on the approach and travel to key areas including Oxford Road, Deansgate, Portland Street and Spinningfields. The Metroshuttle is fully accessible with step-free access to pavements. 

Bus Network

Greater Manchester has an extensive bus network. The nearest bus stop to The Gay Village is located on Portland Street just outside Caffé Nero or on the opposite of the street next door to Yates bar. The nearest bus stop to Manchester Pride Live at Mayfield is located on Fairfield Street adjacent to Manchester Piccadilly.


Manchester City Council offers over 15,000 secure parking spaces as well as on-street parking. There are a number of accessible car parking facilities around the city close to our Event Sites. The nearest accessible NCP Car Parks to the Gay Village and Mayfield are Minshull Street, Sheffield Street and Piccadilly Plaza. Please check the NCP website here for fees and further info.

Carer/Personal Assistant Tickets

We offer a complimentary Carer/Personal Assistant ticket for anyone who is registered disabled and requires assistance whilst at The Festival. We kindly ask that you purchase your own ticket first, either online or over the telephone and then complete this form to request your complimentary Carer/Personal Assistant Ticket. Carer/Personal Assistant Tickets are limited to 1 per applicant. Conditions apply and proof of disability and/or need for an assistant may be required.

When you arrive at The Festival

If you need to purchase a ticket when you arrive at The Festival, please make your way to any one of the box offices or Pledge Band exchange points located at our event sites. We accept card/electronic payments at all box offices or Pledge Band exchange points.
Each of the box office or Pledge Band Exchange Points will give priority to wheelchair visitors or those unable to stand for long periods of time.
Once you arrive at one of the box office or Pledge Band exchange point, please speak to a member of the security team who will happily help if you require assistance.

Complimentary Carer/Personal Assistant tickets can also be requested at any of the box offices or Pledge Band exchange points when purchasing your own ticket.

Recommended Entrances

There are 9 gates around the Gay Village Gathering Event Site. However, certain gates do get busier than others due to their location. As the Gay Village has temporary fencing around its periphery, some entrances may have restricted access to pavements.

We recommend accessing the Gay Village Gathering Event Site using Gates 1, 4, 5 and 6. Please note that gates do get busy at peak times (usually from 2:00 pm onwards) and especially following the Parade on the Saturday of the Festival.

Gate 1 - Sackville Street from Whitworth Street
Gate 4 - Bloom Street from Minshull Street
Gate 5 - Chorlton Street from Major Street or Portland Street
Gate 6 - Sackville Street from Portland Street

All customers will enter Manchester Pride Live via the same entrance which will be fully accessible. Follow event signage when you arrive to be directed to the Main Entrance.

Safe Curb Ramps

As The Gay Village Gathering takes place in a district within Manchester City Centre, we provide a number of temporary safe curb ramps to compliment the permanent drop curbs that already exist around The Gay Village. The safe curb ramps are strategically positioned at access and egress points of performance areas and key points around the Event Site to enable access where access is otherwise restricted or limited.

Please be advised that as the event takes place outdoors in a city centre district the terrain may be uneven and become wet due to adverse weather. Where possible we reduce the impact of uneven surfaces with temporary ramp structures.

The majority of the terrain is hard-standing pathways and roadways that already exist. Please be mindful that Sackville Gardens does have grassed areas as well as hard-standing pathways. The grassed areas may be unsuitable for wheelchairs if the terrain becomes wet.

British Sign Language Interpreters

British Sign Language Interpreters are present on the stages throughout The Festival. They are located on the left as you look at the stage.

Interpreters will be present: 

Friday 23 August

Thomas Cook Stage 7pm - 11pm

Saturday 24 August

Thomas Cook Stage 3pm-11pm
The Yard Stage 4pm-11pm
Superbia Weekend 5pm - 9pm
Youth Pride MCR 2pm - 6pm

Sunday 25 August

Thomas Cook Stage 2pm - 11pm
The Yard Stage 3pm - 11pm
Superbia Weekend 12pm - 7pm
The Gaydio Stage 5pm - 9pm
Youth Pride MCR 11am - 7pm

Monday 26 August

Thomas Cook Stage 1pm-5pm
The Candlelit Vigil 7pm-10pm

Medical & Welfare Services

St John Ambulance, Festival Welfare Services and North West Ambulance Service provide medical and welfare services at the event.

At the Gay Village Gathering, the Welfare and First Aid area will be located in a car park which is accessible from Bloom Street near Gate 4.

The First Aid and Welfare area at Mayfield will be located in one of the Arches accessed via the main Depot room. Please ask any steward for directions. There will be a number of roaming First Aiders on site who will be there to assist.

If you require medical or welfare assistance whilst at the Festival, please let a member of the security or stewarding team.

Assistance Dogs

We welcome assistance dogs to the Gay Village Gathering and Mayfield event sites.

If you are a visitor to the Festival and encounter an assistance dog, please remember they are at work and should not be petted or distracted.
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