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Skill Share Workshops

Skill Share Workshops

Join us for an exciting new opportunity from Manchester Pride!

Our Skill Share Workshops aim to raise the power, independence and potential of community groups in Greater Manchester.

We've scoured our networks to bring you the best facilitators to help you grow your group or organisation - expect top tips, stellar knowledge and tailored training so you can gain new insights on how to reach the next step, or firm up your foundations.

We will run six sessions between June and November 2021 and would love for you to join us.

1. Building community Engagement and gaining support
2. Creating and executing a successful marketing plan 

3. Developing a fundraising strategy and advice on funders
4. Governance and managing risk
5. Developing a successful events programme
6. "Strong not Wrong" - Community Development

Our workshops are completely FREE and are a brilliant opportunity to gain new skills, network with other LGBTQ+ organisations across the city and build the power of your organisation.

These digital workshops are exclusively for LGBTQ+ led groups and organisations or those that have a positive impact upon LGBTQ+ communities and for any LGBTQ+ individuals looking to learn more about setting up a group.
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