24TH - 27TH AUGUST 2018 

The Manchester Pride Festival takes place in the heart of Manchester's city centre and is an award winning four day event celebrating LGBT+ life. The Festival is Manchester Pride's flagship event and consists of four elements. 




24TH - 27TH AUGUST 2018

One of the most electrifying parts of The Festival, The Big Weekend takes place in Manchester’s world famous Gay Village over the August Bank Holiday Weekend. Tens of thousands of people come together to celebrate, with pride, some of the biggest names in music and entertainment.



25TH AUGUST 2018

With  close to 150 entries, and over 4000 participants, The Manchester Pride Parade is for many, a highlight of The Manchester Pride Festival. The city of Manchester is turned  into a kaleidoscope of colour, as floats and marchers weave their way throughout the city centre in front of tens of thousands of spectators who are out to show their support to the LGBT+ communities.



27TH AUGUST 2018

The culmination of The Manchester Pride Festival is The Candlelit Vigil in which Sackville Gardens is turned into a sea of flickering candles as we take a minute to remember those we’ve lost to the HIV virus and join together to fight the epidemic worldwide and the stigma that still exists.

The Candlelit Vigil also provides you with a space to remember those close to you who may no longer be with us and presents an opportunity to stand together in a united front as we recognise the many challenges that still exist and face LGBT communities from Manchester to the rest of the world.

The Candelit Vigil is the spiritual heart of the Manchester Pride Festival and there is a truly magical and moving atmosphere of quiet reflection in the gardens.




The latest addition to The Manchester Pride Festival, The Superbia Weekend is a free to attend alternative to The Big Weekend.  

Superbia aims to support, curate, fund and celebrate LGBT life across Greater Manchester with debate, film, comedy, literature, music, sport, theatre, family- and community-led projects – all with the aim of encouraging engagement and well-being, and to culturally enhance the community.

The Superbia Weekend showcases its aims, in a family friendly dry space.