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The Parade



The Manchester Pride Parade is a march for equality and one of Manchester Pride Festival's most highly anticipated events. Thousands of people march proudly together through the streets of Manchester in front of tens of thousands of supporters and allies cheering them along the way. 2019's Manchester Pride Parade was our biggest and boldest yet, with a whopping 200 organisations, over 14,000 people marching and tens of thousands spectators filling the streets with colour!

Whilst the Government announced an end to restrictions on 19 July 2021, there were guidelines issued to support the safe delivery of large scale events. Unfortunately, we were extremely sad to announce that, following this announcement and subsequent COVID safety advisory group meetings, it was not possible for us to deliver the much loved and anticipated Parade in 2021 in the usual format.


As an alternative to this year's Manchester Pride Parade, we instead hosted a series of special Equality Marches on Saturday 28th August, where individuals and organisations had the opportunity to join us in keeping the spirit of Pride alive and furthering our campaign for LGBTQ+ equality here and around the world.

We are firm in our belief that Pride is a protest. We marched and protested proudly across the streets of Manchester with protest placards to campaign for and spread important messages such as:

Undetectable = Untransmittable
Trans Healthcare is Suicide Prevention
Ban Conversion Therapy
Take action against the LGBT-free zones in Poland
Protect Trans Kids
Stop Hate - Report Hate Crimes
24% of youth facing homelessness identify as LGBTQ+
77% of LGBTQ+ youth experience rejection and abuse at home
We are Queer and Proud
Bisexuality is Beautiful 
Stand By Your Trans
Binary is for Squares!

+ more! 

Click here to read our full statement dated 21st July regarding this year’s Manchester Pride Parade.
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