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A Voice for All


Welcome to the Manchester Pride Conference 2020.
The theme for this Conference is A Voice For All. We are an organisation dedicated to giving a platform to and empowering the LGBTQ+ communities and we remain committed to this, regardless of the current unpredictable situation many of us are experiencing.

We invite you to engage in conversation on Twitter today using the hashtag #MPConference2020. Speaker and panelists social handles are included in the brochure (just click on the Twitter icon beside their names). Please download and view our helpful glossary of terms before you view our conference videos.

Please check out our brochure of events, speakers and panellists featured. We invite you to watch the conference in the order suggested within the brochure and as laid out on this page below.


We encourage you to sign up to the All Equals Charter which you will find out more about today.


Following on from the day's events, we welcome you to partake in our post-event survey.


As a charity which campaigns for LGBTQ+ equality all year round we invite all of you to continue to support our cause. It’s vital that our conversations remain heard.


Enjoy the Conference!

Welcome from Mark Fletcher, Chief Executive of Manchester Pride.

Keynote Speech: Gina Battye.
Gina is a world-renowned LGBT+ Inclusion, Psychological Safety and Intersectionality Consultant. Today she is offering practical advice on how to champion LGBTQ+ people within their organisation. 

Part One

Part Two

PANEL: The Problems of Pinkwashing.
Our panel asks how can organisations authentically support the LGBTQ+ community? 

Spotlight Presentation: Sharan Dhaliwal. 
Sharan’s Spotlight discussion focuses on gatekeeping within the LGBTQ+ community and how it has led to isolation. 

PANEL: BAME and LGBTQ+ Issues.
This panel, chaired by Manchester Pride CEO Mark Fletcher, discuss the experiences of BAME LGBTQ+ people and how to be allies to these communities.

INTERVIEW: All Equals Charter with Christos Tsaprounis.
Manchester Pride's Head of Engagement Farhana Hemani in conversation with Autotrader's Christos Tsaprounis, one of our All Equals Charter beta-testers.

PANEL: Gender Inclusivity.
The panel discussion looks at creating general awareness around transgender, non-binary and queer identities.

Spotlight Presentation: Susie Green.
Susie discusses the important work that Mermaids does supporting gender-diverse children and young people, as well as their families

PANEL Stop Bi-Erasure. 
Our panel discusses both of these issues and offers worthwhile commentary on how everyone can ensure we are tackling the problems of Bi Erasure and Biphobia.

Spotlight Presentation:
Cheddar Gorgeous.Cheddar discusses the power of drag as a form of self-exploration, expression and political action and the dangers of reducing our identities to achieving the perfect ‘look’.

PANEL LGBTQ+ Health and Wellness. 
Our prestigious panel discusses the positive impacts of focusing on health and wellness within the LGBTQ+ community.

Closing Statement: Mark Fletcher

Manchester Pride Chief Executive Mark Fletcher wraps up a full day of hearing from LGBTQ+ voices.

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