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LGBTQ+ Human Rights

LGBTQ+ Human Rights

Manchester Pride is one of the UK's leading LGBTQ+ charities. We campaign for LGBTQ+ equality, celebrate LGBTQ+ life and create opportunities that engage LGBTQ+ people in Greater Manchester so that they can thrive. Every penny we raise is ploughed back into the community and we are dedicated to promoting and raising awareness for LGBTQ+ issues in the fight for equality. Our mission is to work with LGBTQ+ people helping them to live free from discrimination and to feel safe in their own environment, and to educate people on how to recognise, understand and prevent discrimination against LGBTQ+ people. We do this in the hopes of one day reaching our vision of a world where LGBTQ+ people are free to live and love without prejudice, and we promote and raise awareness for LGBTQ+ issues in the fight for equality in several ways.

Our Campaigns and Initiatives
We campaign for LGBTQ+ equality all year round, in everything that we do. Through social media campaigns, public awareness initiatives and local and national campaigns, LGBTQ+ communities are at the heart of everything we do. In 2018, Manchester Pride was the first UK Pride to adopt the black and brown stripes in the rainbow to stand with all LGBTQ+ people of colour, to show solidarity and to ensure people of colour were platformed, visible and represented. This year, we have added the pink, white and blue stripes to represent trans communities. We use our website, social media platforms and our voices to raise awareness and educate on LGBTQ+ human rights topics including discrimination, racism, transgender rights, conversion therapy, and mental health.

Manchester Pride Conference

The Manchester Pride Conference will take place for the third year running in 2021. The Conference shines a light on the incredible work being done throughout Greater Manchester around achieving greater LGBTQ+ equality, and the opportunities for progressing LGBTQ+ equality, with a focus on giving a platform to those whose voices often go unheard. This year’s Conference will feature some of the UK’s leading LGBTQ+ voices and will provide delegates with the opportunity to expand their knowledge on a range of issues affecting LGBTQ+ communities, while providing practical tools and resources to drive change within organisations and as individuals, all year round.

The All Equals Charter
Manchester Pride’s All Equals Charter was created to help businesses and organisations investigate current, and implement future strategies on challenging any form on discrimination and helping to achieve equality for all. Over a third of LGBTQ+ employees have hidden or disguised their LGBTQ+ status at work for fear of being discriminated against. Everyone deserves their whole selves to be accepted without exception. The All Equals Charter helps businesses and organisations to understand how to recognise and challenge any form of discrimination. It is a thought-through support system guiding businesses to achieve a truly diverse, inclusive and equal workplace.

Human Rights Forum
In 2020 we introduced the Human Rights Forum as an exciting new element to the Manchester Pride Festival. The digital nature of this year’s festival allowed us the opportunity and the scope to deliver a panel which focused on bringing together activists and thought-leaders to discuss the most relevant and pressing LGBTQ+ issues. The Human Rights Forum, which brings together these activists and thought-leaders to discuss the most relevant and pressing LGBTQ+ issues, is part of our commitment to amplifying LGBTQ+ issues and campaigning for equality. Topics for discussion this year include 'Trans Rights are Human Rights' and 'The Role of Pride in Race Equality'.

The Manchester Pride Parade
The Parade is one of the most significant elements to the Manchester Pride Festival. It is an opportunity for LGBTQ+ people to be visible, to celebrate their identities, to march for equality and for allies to show their solidarity. In 2020 the theme was ‘March for Peace’ and we wanted to show the diversity of LGBTQ+ communities across Greater Manchester and although we couldn't march together this year, we brought this to life through video production.

The Candlelit Vigil
The Candlelit Vigil is the culmination of Manchester Pride Festival, and each year it closes the four days of the festival with a moment of reflection in Sackville Gardens. The home of Alan Turing, The National Transgender Memorial and the Beacon of Hope, the gardens are transformed into a sea of flickering candles as the party calms and comes to end. We take a minute to remember those we have lost to HIV as LGBTQ+ people join together to fight the epidemic worldwide, and the stigma that still exists. The Candlelit Vigil also provides a space to remember those who are suffering and those who are persecuted, presenting an opportunity to stand together in a united front as we recognise the many challenges that are still faced by LGBTQ+ communities, both here in the UK and around the world.
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